July 1991

Degree (Laurea) in Filosofia, University of Bologna. Dissertation: Decidibilitá e Indecidibilitá nelle Teorie Elementari. Metodi di Risoluzione Automatica..

January 1996

Phd (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Computer Science and Law at CIRFID – Interdepartmental Research Center for Informatics and Law. University of Bologna. Dissertation: Sistemi Algoritmici Indicizzati per il Ragionamento Giuridico.

Last Position

November 1997

Post-PhD Researcher (Post-Dottorato) at Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna. Research-work: Planning and implementation of non-classical theorem provers.

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arXiv:1308.0497 [pdfpsother] A note on Türing’s 1936
arXiv:0705.0901 [pdfpsother] How to release Frege’s system from Russell’s antinomy
arXiv:math/0306038 [pdfpsother] Observations concerning Gödel’s 1931
arXiv:math/0606713 [pdfpsother] Beyond Undecidable
arXiv:math/0312360 [pdfpsother] Beyond Uncountable